Electricity savings of up to 20% with our commercial customers

At Powersavvy we deliver the tools and expertise required for you to understand and take control of your electricity costs.  Read on to learn how we do this.




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Step 1: The tool

We provide you with an internet enabled electricity monitoring device. We install the monitor and get it setup online. Once installed the monitor will give you real time visibility to your electricity consumption, via your phone or any device with access to the internet. It also logs usage data on a remote server allowing detailed analysis of historical usage to be carried out.


Step 2: Consumption analysis

After one week, which is typically sufficient to capture a full operating cycle of the business, we will download the raw consumption data for your site and perform more detailed analysis on it. Using our proprietary in-house software we analyse your consumption as shown on the raw data graphic below.  This will identify what is driving the electricity costs for your business and is compiled to generate the pie chart shown on the right.

Raw data is collected and analysed using our proprietary software


The results from our analysis are compiled into a pie chart giving the business owner an understanding of the main drivers of the costs in their business



Step 3: Savings

Based on the findings of the previous step we will work with you to identify where your biggest cost drivers may be wasting electricity and help identify cost effective steps that can be taken to reduce the costs associated with these items in order to realise maximum savings as costs effectively as possible. We will also check who the best supplier is for your business and help switch if necessary.

Step 4: Verification

The electricity monitor is left in place which gives the ability to verify that any actions taken are having the desired outcome. If not additional steps can be taken.


Step 5: Sustain

The electricity monitor is left in place which gives real time visibility to your usage. This puts you in control to manage your own consumption going forward. If you feel you need any help to make sure any gains are sustained we also provide follow on services where we track your progress on a monthly basis using tools developed in house.




See our case studies page for more examples of commercial customers who have benefited from this service or contact us if you have any queries.

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