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Whether you’re a business owner or a householder, it’s now more important than ever to save on your electricity bills – and that’s what we’re here to do.

What steps can you take? And how do you check if it’s your phone charger or your halogen lighting that’s costing you the most? We set up Powersavvy precisely to answer those questions – and save you money. We give YOU the power!

Our unique Powersavvy Home Electricity Check system monitors your electricity use for a week – then shows you, item by item, those appliances costing you the most. We also recommend easy steps you can take, to make big savings.

There’s no set up cost or contract – a typical home test costs a one-off €50. You can easily make savings of 30% or more on your bills, straight away.

Don’t just take our word for it – click on the case studies to read about our customers and their savings!

Biography of Colm Rochford (click to read more...)

Colm Rochford is the founder of Powersavvy. He is originally from Kerry and holds a degree in Electrical Engineering and a masters degree in Power Electronics, both from University College Cork. Colm has worked in a number of roles, with a number of electronics companies, covering design engineering, quality control, engineering management, process improvement leader and operations management. During his career Colm has developed a keen interest in lean manufacturing processes and structured problem solving. As operations manager for a large multinational organisation, cost control was key, and it was in this role that Colm developed his systematic approach to controlling costs.

When he left his role as operations manager he saw a number of factors coming together which pointed him in the direction of a business opportunity. Energy costs were rising, there was an increased appetite for people to be more energy efficient, he had developed a systematic way to tackle costs and could apply his technical expertise to convert something that is very technical into something easy to understand that everybody could get their heads around. This provided the kernel for Powersavvy. Powersavvy is all about bringing a structured approach to tackling your electricity costs, in your workplace and in your home. Step 1 is understanding the contributors to your costs i.e. how much is your washing machine costing, how much are your lights costing etc. Once that is known you are better positioned to take steps that will make an impact on your bill.

The service has to be cost effective i.e. savings identified have to be sufficient to repay the cost of the service within a few months. Powersavvy prides itself on always delivering value and always insuring customers recover the cost of their investment in the service in as short a time as possible.

Our motto is that “We save money on electricity by being Powersavvy, you can be power savvy too”

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