Electricity usage at home
  • Do you have difficulty controlling your electricity costs?
  • Do you ever feel that you are not in control?
  • Are you ever concerned about the size of your electricity bill?
  • Are you confused about all the advice that is out there?
  • Would you like to remove some of the mystery around your electricity bill?
  • Would you like to be able to take more control of your consumption and save money?
If you answered "yes" to any of these questions then please read on.........
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Powersavvy has developed an innovative, low cost method of itemising your electricity consumption. This information takes the mystery out of your electricity costs allowing you to take control and ultimately save money.

Here is how it works:

Step 1. A Powersavvy meter is connected to you electricity supply. This meter monitors and records details of your electricity consumption. Over 6 days it will collect over 10,000 readings.

If you have fixed line broadband an Owl Intuition-e can be permanently installed which is an internet enabled electricity monitor.


Step 2. At the end of 6 days, the meter is collected and the data uploaded to our systems.

In the case of the Owl Intuition-e, the usage is continually logged to a remote server which can be accessed at any time.

Step 3. Powersavvy’s powerful algorithm analyses the data collected on the meter and isolates the consumption related to following categories of appliances:
  1. Cooking
  2. Washing machine
  3. Clothes dryer
  4. Dishwasher
  5. Water and space heating
  6. Electric shower
  7. Refrigeration
  8. Base load (items continually on or on standby)
  9. Evening usage (additional usage in evenings, capturing items such as lighting, TV etc.)
It will also project the contribution each of these is likely to have on your total bill. These categories of appliances are generally accepted to be the main consumers of power in a standard household and could be expected to account for over 80% of total consumption. This is put together in a simple to understand format and delivered via email.
Step 4. Armed with your new understanding of your personal consumption, you can make some changes that will have a real impact and cut your bill.

If you have availed of the Owl Intuition-e you will be able to monitor progress yourself in real time to make sure your savings are sustained and you are not reverting to old wasteful habits.

Click on the links below to download samples of the report you can expect to receive:
Sample Report 1
Sample Report 2
Sample Report 3


Terms and conditions

  1. Offer subject to having at least 6 orders from an area in order to minimise travel
  2. Payment is required in full and in advance before any work is carried out
  3. Payment methods accepted, cash, cheque, credit card (email address required)
  4. Analysis is based on applying numerical analysis techniques to consumption patterns observed and is intended to give an indication of the breakdown of consumption across predefined categories. It is not possible to identify exact consumption related to each appliance using this technique but tests indicate accuracies over 80%.
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